Technologic Systems TS-7800

TS-7800 linux kernel patches

On this page you will get better TS-7800 support for stable kernels. For my degree dissertation I work with Technologic Systems TS-7800 SoC Boards. Therefore I use latest stable vanilla linux kernel and patches from Alexander Clouter's git tree(s) (Maintainer of TS-78XX linux kernel support, thanks Alex, you do a great work!). The vanilla linux kernel supports already the TS-7800 SBC and some devices on it. These patches bring some more drivers, most of them will go upstream sooner or later.

These patches provide

  • NAND read/write support
  • GPIO driver for all gpio's (PC/104, LCD-Header, DIO-Header)
  • FPGA support
  • Hardware random generator support
  • M48T86 RTC

15 May 2009

Initial release...